Friday, 23 January 2015

I woke up like this.

Hello. My name is Sasha Dior. Welcome to my blog. 

2015 so far has seen many things come to an end for me, but of course as we all know, as one door closes another opens. With a new job in a new city now closer than ever, I thought what better time to start a blog of my journey!

'Eye of the Tiger' will be full of my favourite five - Fashion, Beauty, (Vegan) Food, Travel...and Pugs :) You can also catch me on Instagram @tigersash and if anyone has any questions, direct them to my email !

For now, it's a cosy day drinking coffee, listening to Basement & and reading quite possibly my favourite book of all time - 'How to be Parisian'. Seriously guys, if you haven't picked up this book yet YOU MUST. It's just wonderful. And with my trip to Paris now just 10 days away, I imagine I'll have nailed the art of how to be chic whilst wandering the streets in red lipstick and Breton stripes. Here's hoping, anyway.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Sasha xo

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